Special items

In addition to classical passements, we also produce special items in our factory using our high-quality methods.
For example, unique buttons can be completely made by hand in accordance with your individual requests. Our accessories such as key chains and bands or mobile phone straps are also becoming ever more popular.
One particular highlight is the jewellery that we can produce using our passement method. Necklaces, bracelets and collars, jewellery laces with cords made of real silk, chokers or earrings with tassels: With our precise techniques, we can produce very fine, delicate, filigree and textile jewellery. The individual production of these pieces of jewellery to order guarantees a result that is just the emphasis that you have imagined. We will also gladly make a feature of your show-pieces, such as precious stones or pearls, using a matching, individual border.
For the four-legged companion of man, whether dog or cat, we gladly create collars or leashes. Our passements also enjoy great popularity as trimming on prestigious horse blankets and as jewellery in equestrian sports. A special animal ultimately deserves special accessories.
Our passements are also used for high-tech products: For example, for the casing on the fuse cords on dynamite sticks, we produce passements from TREVIRA-CS-machined, specially manufactured, non-flammable yarns. In addition, robust tethers from our factory are used in the production of trucks and buses.