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For almost 150 years Posamenten-Müller has produced the most accurately made to measure passements of unique quality in their Munich factory. In 1985, the company, at that point still based on Kaufingerstraße, was founded by Josef Müller. The business experienced its heyday in the 1930s. After the second world war the Mannheim-based company Jost und Schmidt took over the traditional company, making it a branch of their own company located on Pettenkoferstraße in Munich. Since 1980 Posamenten-Müller has been owned by the Buchele family. Anton Buchele took over the factory now based on St.-Paul-Straße. Since 1994 the traditional company has been run by his son Andreas Buchele. “Our hand craft has largely disappeared from the public consciousness, even though the products are still in demand”, says the General Manager.
With its custom-made cords, braids, blind cords, tiebacks, stair ropes and tassels, it is not just palaces, opera houses and museums that Posamenten-Müller counts among its clients. Private customers also contact the manufacturer at the Theresienwiese in Munich city centre. Whether a sofa needs to be adorned with a border or an entire room infused with new flair with tasteful passements: Despite large institutional orders, such as the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, at Posamenten-Müller we gladly take time for private customers. Andreas Buchele is aware of the uniqueness of his business: “We are among the last in Europe who still master this craft. And above all: With us all passement elements are produced in our own workshop!”

Introducing the Posamenten-Müller team


In our ropeworks, weaving mill and in our sewing department we produce passements from almost all kinds of materials such as silk, cotton, viscose, wool and upon request from blended yarns, with passion and precision. Our traditional craftsmanship and a perfect adaptation to the individual needs of our customers provide results of a unique and of the highest quality. We are happy to meet your specific needs with precisely tailored custom-made products.
In addition, for all of our passements we manufacture Trevira-CS-machined, specially-made yarns on demand (even in small quantities). This allows us to ensure that on request, all passements manufactured by us meet current fire safety standards.

You can find out how our company manufactures high-quality classical as well as modern passements using traditional methods here:

Weaving mill

Using various looms, some hundreds of years old, braids and fringes are manufactured by Posamenten-Müller with unique quality using traditional methods.
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In the rope twisting hall we can make cords, cables and laces using the traditional method.

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Working by hand

As one of the last manufacturers we can produce the majority of our products without using machinery, entirely by hand.
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