Fringes are seen as one of the earliest decorative elements of garments. But even as a trim on cushions, curtains, lampshades, rugs and tablecloths, they have been embellishing and refining the furniture of the best houses for centuries. You will even find our pieces on festive priest robes. The lovingly-made fringes from Posamenten-Müller are available in different versions. Whether looped, stem, serrated, small tassel, pom pom or empire fringes and small fringes: We are happy to work with you to find the perfect embellishment. When required we can make particularly small and fine fringes using a galon machine; numerous patterns and stock items at your fingertips help you choose from the variety of unique fringes. And if we don’t have the fringe you are looking for we can of course also produce custom designs especially for you. In accordance with your fabric patterns and the piece to be decorated we will gladly find the optimal fringe solution for you together.